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Bestduplicator Nano-Series 7 Target Blu-Ray Duplicator with Smart USB Connection

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BestDuplicator is proud to present the all-new NANO-series Professional Blu-Ray Duplicator Systems! These systems are purpose built to give you all the benefits of large-scale, high volume duplication, without any of the drawbacks of excessive size and weight restrictions of a standard sized duplicator. We have literally shrunk the system down to nearly half the physical size and weight of comparable target systems. What does this mean to you? Portability - these systems are far more portable for those of you on the go, and in need to be able to travel with your systems at any given time. Even if you're not on the go, these systems take up far less desktop or cabinet space, which may be a restriction for many of you with particular furniture arrangements. Lighter-weight makes them less cumbersome and easier to carry along, transport, or ship anywhere you're headed. Our Smart-USB Connection allows you to connect your duplicator to any PC and burn a master-disc if you don't have the means on the computer you work from.

Compare our prices to the Competition currently selling a 5 Target Blu-Ray system of this size for an astounding $2700.00, and you can clearly see how much of a bargain our unit has become!

The user-friendly LCD interface provides a simple one step copy function that burns your BD-R, BD-RE, DVD or CD blank discs at an optimal speed producing from 1 to 11 (depending on your Target Model) copies every burn cycle. Burning speeds are fully user-adjustable and other standard menu features are available, as well as settings for more advanced users. A computer or external device is not required at all to use the unit. Different CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray formats are automatically detected to allow stable and secure buffer speeds while under run protected burning without the added trouble or stress from a computer to handle such functions. Compared to older models, this one comes built with the latest state of the art drives (BestDuplicator Certified), giving you much faster maximum burn speeds. With the all new BestDuplicator 128MB Controller, it has become a no-brainer to entrust your mass-production needs to us.

  • Supports BD+/-R, BD+/-RE, BD+/-R DL, TL, and QL, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, DVD RAM, DVD+/-R DL, CD-R, CD-RW blank media standards
  • Intelligent design automatically recognizes the source disc format
  • Duplicator controller automatically formats rewritable discs prior to the copy process beginning
  • "User friendly" controller utilizes familiar "ESC" & "ENT" keys with tactile feedback for easy navigation
  • System uses revolutionary plug-and-play OS that does not require firmware updates
  • Password protection modes prevent unauthorized usage
  • Dynamic hard drive partition system saves HDD space by creating partitions according to image size (if installed)
  • Allows editing of image and hard drive partition file name (if installed)
  • Fully stand-alone system - No computer needed!
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty (parts & labor included) & free life-time technical support
  • All duplicators are fully tested before shipping. This process includes detailed overnight burn sessions which ensures that your system is in perfect working condition when your system is delivered.

ModelBestDuplicator NANO Blu-Ray Duplicator Series w/ Smart USB Connectivity
Operating Type Stand-alone (No PC Required)
TargetFrom 1 to 7 Targets
Hard Drive Can be installed up to 2TB
Language Support English, Spanish, Portuguese, & Japanese
Maximum Writing Speed












CD-R 24


M-Disc DVD-R/BD-R4x

* Maximum writing speed depends on the CD/DVD writers manufacture specifications

Supported Disc FormatsBD-/+R & RE SL/DL/TL/QL, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-Video, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-Audio Disc, CD-RW, Multi-session Photo CDTM, CD-I, Video CD, CD-ROM XA, & CD Extra (CD Plus)
Supported Recording Discs

12cm 25/50/100/128GB BD-R/RE SL/DL/TL/QL
12cm 4.7GB DVD-R/RW
12cm 4.7GB DVD+R/RW
12cm 8.5GB DL DVD+R DL
12cm 8.5GB DL DVD-R DL
12cm 4.7GB DVD-RAM
12cm 80min/700MB CD-R
12cm 74min/650MB CD-RW
8cm 1.47GB mini DVD-R
8cm 24min/210MB mini CD-R
8cm 50MB Business Card CD-R

Power AdapterInput: 100 ~ 240V AC
Output: +5V DC, 3.8A
Operating Temperature40°F ~ 95 °F
RegulationsFCC, CE, UL, RoHS
Operating Humidity20% ~ 90%