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*Athena (DP-ATN-D7S64B) 20X DVD/CD Duplicator Controller with IDE Cables - Support 1 to 7 Target IDE-to-IDE Duplicate (Black)

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The controller is the essential key for the duplication system and you can rely on our BestDuplicator CD/DVD
Controller which is well-known in the industry for its reliability, durability and compatibility.

The BestDuplicator series controllers are professionally designed and manufactured for up to 11 targets. This
controller system is constructed using premium "DHP Technology" creating a hard drive partition to the
size of each master disc image so all HDD space is fully utilized. This full feature controller is an ideal
match for use with our high performance durable casing to form the most reliable duplicators on the
market today. Our top quality BestDuplicator controller is compatible with any duplicator tower, drive and power
supply. The BestDuplicator controller will enhance your duplication system to its highest level in providing data,
audio, multimedia, and video content backup along with a very user-friendly interface.

We now proudly present a new look and design for the BestDuplicator Controller. The new BestDuplicator controller features
the same great specifications as before, but with the added option of beige and black to match any case.


  • Stand alone 1 up to 7 Target DVD+/-RW Duplicator Controller
  • Burn 70+ 4.7G DVDs or 210+ 650MB CDs per hour w/ a 7 target system!
  • Supports DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW and DL DVD blank media formats
  • Automatically performs a self-diagnostics test upon boot up
  • No cool down period between runs
  • Ability to set a password to restrict access
  • Duplicator will automatically recognize format of source discs
  • Ability to edit image and hard drive partition names
  • System is upgradeable via firmware
  • Dynamic HDD partition system creates partitions suited to each image
  • Copy, Test, Verify, and Compare functions available
  • Intuitive user-friendly LCD display
  • Company name can be programmed to display on system upon request
  • One year parts, labor, and technical support

*Use AT power supplies with controllers when building a stand-alone system.

Model: BestDuplicator DVD-7 Series DVD Duplicator Controller
Operating Type Stand-alone
Internal interface IDE
Targets From 1 to 7 targets
Reading Speed 24x DVD-ROM
Maximum Writing Speed DVD-R: 24x
DVD+R Dual Layer: 8X
DVD+R: 24x
DVD-R Dual Layer: 8X
CD-R: 48X
CD-RW: 32X

Supported Disc Formats DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-Video, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R9, CD-DA, CD-ROM Mode 1, CD-ROM XA Mode 2, Multi-session Photo CDTM, CD-I, Video CD, CD Extra (CD Plus)
Supported Recording Discs 12cm 4.7GB DVD-R/RW
12cm 4.7GB DVD+R/RW
12cm 8.5GB DL DVD
12cm 80min/700MB CD-R
12cm 74min/650MB CD-RW
8cm 1.47GB mini DVD-R
8cm 24min/210MB mini CD-R
8cm 50MB Business CD-R
External PC Link (optional) USB 2.0 (for external CD/DVD-ROM/RW Drives)
Power Adapter Input: 100 ~ 240V AC
Output: +5V DC, 3.8A
Operating Temperature 40°F ~ 95°F
Operating Humidity 20% ~ 80%
Regulation FCC, CE

  • Completely Stand Alone
    No PC required. Fully stand alone
  • Auto Start Strategy
    The duplicator can be set to auto start without pressing any button. This feature can be set according to
    users preference and works for Copy, Test, Compare and Verify functions.
  • Auto Source Disc Analyzing
    The duplicator will automatically recognize the format of source discs and convert to either DVD +/- R.
  • Set Burn Speed
    Set the preferred burn speed for DVD, audio CD & data CD duplication sessions as suggested by many audio
    & Video professionals
  • Select Source
    Enables user to choose either the DVD-ROM, DVD-RW or Hard Drive as the master source device (Due to specifications of DVD-RW drives, the reading performance may not be the same as regular DVD-ROM drives.
  • Audio Track Edit
    Users can combine all of their favorite audio tracks from different CDs and create a single customized audio CD
    up to the maximum capacity of the blank media.
  • Utilities & Tools
    Our duplicator provides a series of useful tools for your duplication job work like a breeze.
    Features are list as follow:
    - Prescan
    Provides a quality check for the master disc before you make any duplication and to ensure you have an error
    free master disc.
    - Quick Erase
    Do a quick erase on your CD-RW & DVD-RW disc.
    - Full Erase
    Do a full erase on your CD-RW & DVD-RW disc.
    - Eject All Disc
    All drive trays are eject including the source drive.
    - Disc Info
    All information such as disc type, data length and available space are displayed.
    - Drive Info
    Allows checking the duplicator's major component information, such as the manufacturer, reader and writer model number and firmware versions.
    - System Info
    Provides the duplicator's information, such as controller model number and firmware version.
    - Update BIOS Future firmware upgradeable for increasing media compatibility & add functions. (Due to the drive compatibility issue, only update the firmware if necessar
  • 4 "Eject On Start" modesUsers can have the preference to start in a certain mode right after the system is powered ON. These modes
    include Eject All, No Eject, Eject Target & Eject Source.
  • 2 easy to use Password protection modes to prevent unauthorized usage
    Features a start- up password protection system for total restriction & a set-up password protection system for personal setting preference security.
  • Master Error Proof
    This feature enables the user to replace a bad master disc midway through the duplicating process without
    wasting additional media
  • DHP "Dynamic" hard drive partition Technology
    System creates partitions according to the size of each master disc image, therefore no HDD space is wasted
  • Customizable controller LCD display
    Company name or website can be show on the duplicator's LCD display upon request.
  • Ability to load disc image to HDD and rename the partition
    Able to load disc image from source drive to HDD & rename the partition for your future reference.
  • Support Counter FunctionShow the total amount of successful and failure disc that you copy
  • Intuitive user-friendly LCD panel
    Large easy to read LCD display allows access to all features with the use of four simple button
  • System is upgradeable via firmware
  • One year manufacturer warranty. Life-time technical support

    **Specifications are subject to change without notice.