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Home > * Acard 9 Target SATA Duplicator Barebone - Acard ARS2050P Sata Duplicate Controller + 11Bay Xcase Tower Combo (Beige)

* Acard 9 Target SATA Duplicator Barebone - Acard ARS2050P Sata Duplicate Controller + 11Bay Xcase Tower Combo (Beige)

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Acard SATA Duplicator Barebone - Support 1 to 9 Target Duplication (Acard ARS2050P Sata Duplicate Controller + 11Bay Xcase Duplicator Tower Case with 550W Power Supply Bundle 

                                                    Acard (ARS2050B) ARS2050 1 to 10 Target SATA CD/BD/DVD Duplicator Controller  - Click to enlarge                Xcase (A-5W) 11 Bay Sata Duplicator Tower Case with Power Supply - Support 1 to 9 Target Sata-to-Sata Duplication (Beige) - Click to enlarge

Controller features & specification:

ARS-2050 is a standalone duplicate controller supporting high speed SATA DVD/CD writers. With ACARD RISC CPU Engine, it doesn't need connecting to a computer or require much learning. Simply through the LCD and the button on the panel you can use the copy controller to back up data, audio or video DVD/CD quickly. It support SATA DVD drives for recording DVD/CD quickly. It is quite fit for general offices.  


  • Dual PCI core with data cache inside the SOC 
  • A standalone SATA-to-SATA DVD/CD copy controller 
  • Independent fully native SATA channel data acceleration 
  • Totally independent without installing hardware or software 
  • Supports a built-in 3.5" or 2.5" SATA hard disk drive 
  • Supports high-speed SATA DVD/CD recording 
  • Has a user-friendly interface and shows messages with LCD 
  • Firmware update by DVD-ROM

  • ACARD SATA Controller 
  • ACARD 32-bit RISC CPU 
  • 16Kbyte data cache inside the RISC CPU 
  • High reliability of SDRAM for embedded system 
  • 10 SATA interface channel 
  • 2 X 16 LCD screen 
  • A membrane 6-buttons operation panel 
  • 512KB flash memory for copy code 
  • Dimension: 150mm(W)× 42mm(H)× 215mm(D)

    Case feature & specification:

    Power Magic CD/DVD duplicator tower case Sata Series is the cutting-edge solution for even the most complex or challenging duplication requirements. The sleek new design of Sata Duplication case offers complete flexibility while meeting the demands of an ever-changing industry.


    • Durable & stylish design
    • Structure with front air-flow aperture panel frame leads to excellent heat dissipation
    • This Heavy Duty duplicator casing provides stability and ideal for your every day duplication needs.
    • Greatly improve the stability of the duplicator and maximum protection for your valuable equipment  
    • Tower casing goes up to 11 Bays
    • You can choose to install up to 9 target DVD-RW or CD-RW drives.
    • Built in 580 watt universal voltage power supply.
    • Allow for switching between 115V & 230V.
    • Choices of black & beige


      This standalone duplicator case allows you to carry out duplicator requirement for building a new DVD duplicator, CD Duplicator . It is initiated with the simple press of a button without software. (Optional Contoller Required). The CDR/DVD Duplicator is designed for the users who are looking a way of making instant copies of original CD/DVD data.
      Our duplicator cases were specially designed for any duplicator controller such as Acard Wytron Athena or Apollo controllers. .All duplicator cases equipped with screw set and power cord.

      Operating Type
        Standalone. Drive + controller not included
        Up to 9 Target (DVD-RW/CD-RW drives can be installed)
      Power Source
        550W Swtiching Power Supply, Sata Connectors Included 
      Drive Bay
        11 x 5.25" External, 3x 3.5" Internal 
      Rear Ventilation
        One 80mm installed

      450mm x 190mm x 425mm

      Material (Thickness)
        Steel (0.7 mm)
        One year from Amamax