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Home > *Promise FastTrak SX4060 4-Channels ATA RAID 5 PCI Adapter, Mfr Part Number: FASTTRAK SX4060

*Promise FastTrak SX4060 4-Channels ATA RAID 5 PCI Adapter, Mfr Part Number: FASTTRAK SX4060

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Promise FastTrak SX4060 4-Channels ATA RAID 5 PCI Adapter

  • Mfr Part Number: FASTTRAK SX4060
  • Features:
    • Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spare drive
    • Variable stripe block size support enables optimization for diverse application requirements
    • Seamless upgrade to Promises external storage solutions
  • Controller Specifications:
    • Drive support: Upto 4x Ultra ATA/133 drives
    • Storage capacity: Upto 1 TB (with 4x 250GB drives)
    • Bus type: 32-bit 66MHz PCI bus; PCI 2.2 compliant
    • Promise RAID Processor with XOR engine for RAID parity calculations and memory controller for local cache memory
    • Cache memory: 64MB ECC
    • FRAM for RAID 5 transaction log to avoid data corruption in the event of application hangs
    • Built-in GPIO ports for enclosure management
  • RAID Levels Supported:
    • RAID 0: Data striped across 2~4 drives for increased performance but no data protection
    • RAID 1: Mirrored pairs of drives for data protection with increased read performance
    • RAID 5: Striped parity on 3~4 drives, ultimate data protection, capacity and performance balance
    • RAID 10: Data mirrored then striped across four drives, for double drive failure protection
    • JBOD: Just a Bunch of Drives, independent connected drives with no RAID interconnection
  • RAID Fault Tolerance and Robustness Features:
    • Online array expansion and RAID level migration to add capacity on the fly
    • PerfectRAID technology for error handling and recovery of fatal, media and disk errors
    • DRM (Drive Roaming Metadata) technology:
      • Supports upgrade to any Promise storage sub-subsystem
      • Supports drive roaming to any port on the controller
      • Allows array roaming in the event of controller failure
    • Support hot swap of failed drives and hot spare
    • Automatic/manual rebuild of hot spare drive
    • Background initialization for instant drive availability
    • Background rebuild, migration and synchronization
    • Error and event logging
    • Variable stripe block size support to meet various application requirements
    • Optimal disk utilization with gigabyte rounding
    • Support for SMART capable drives
    • Synchronization can be scheduled periodically for RAID array data consistency
  • Advanced Performance Features:
    • Multiple caching policy support:
      • Write-back: Write-back cache for maximum write performance
      • Write-through: Write-through cache for data protection in the event of application freeze
      • Read ahead: Predictive read ahead caching based on application and data types
    • Packet commands and interrupt coalescing minimize interrupts for better performance
    • Elevator seek streamlines commands based on where data is located on the disk
    • Load balancing (mirrored RAID array only)
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000/ XP/ 2003
* Note: The product specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.