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*Pioneer In-Dash CD/MP3 Player (DEH-P6900UB) CD/MP3/WMA/iTunes AAC Receiver with Built-in USB Control

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The DEH-P6900UB is now the universal hub for a truly multi-media USB experience in the car. Using the Built-in USB Control, it opens the door for full audio control for your iPod®, Portable MP3 Device Control and Mass Storage (USB Memory) as well.

USB logo image"uBus" USB Direct Control*
Do more with Pioneer "uBus" USB Control - not just iPod® direct control*, "uBus" also controls many MP3 players** and USB memory devices ("Jump Drives") as well. Access, control and high-resolution playback are supremely fast and straightforward. Simply plug in USB-compatible equipment (such as an iPod® nano, iPod® Video, or another portable digital player or USB memory device) into the included USB connector. This direct, high-speed (USB 2.0), adapter-free connection plus built-in 24-bit Delta Sigma D/A Converter assures extraordinary sound quality as well as convenience.

7-Way Rotary Commander
The 7-Way Rotary Commander is like a musical joystick: with one central dial you can actually control 90% of the unit's functions and features. Scrolling through your MP3/WMA files and folders is now very easy. In addition, when controlling an iPod, the operation is easy to learn - it is similar in all respects to the actual iPod.

Auto-Flap Motorized Face
Loading a CD into the Auto-Flap Motorized Face is actually fun. Push the OPEN button and the motorized face plate slides out of the way to expose the CD slot, and back again when the CD's loaded. Just for fun, do it again. And when you leave the vehicle, the face can go with you. Just push the OPEN button, pull the face toward you, and pop it into the included face case. And out you go. Another advantage with this design: the face protects the CD slot from dust.

Organic EL DisplayPure Blue OEL Display
The DEH-P6900UB's pure blue OEL (Organic Electro-Luminescent) display upgrades the look of your dash with vibrant color and animated graphics. OEL Display with MP3 Text This display also provides you with more music information - up to 3 lines and 16 characters per line can be shown on the display at one time, vs. 8-10 characters on most competitors' models… Plus the rest will auto-scroll (up to 64 characters total!). That means that you can see most artists' full names, and makes navigating through MP3 files or your iPod easy.

Hi-Volt (4V) Pre-Outs
If you decide to connect an amplifier, the three Hi-Volt (4V) pre-outs will deliver a clean, powerful signal path. The higher the volts that a pre-out provides, the better the signal strength to your amp, and then your amp doesn't have to work as hard. These Hi-Volt pre-outs help give you better dynamics, crisper highs, and big, deep bass. Hi-Volt pre-outs help give you better dynamics, crisper highs, and big, deep bass.

Multi-Language DisplayMulti-Language Display
For extra convenience, selected OEL models now come with a multi-language display, which can show information in three different languages-English, French, or Spanish. Using the Rotary Commander, allows the user to change default language for all screen displays and menus.

10-Key Card Remote Included
The DEH-P6900UB comes with a 10-Key card remote, allowing you to control key functions without taking your eyes off the road. It fits easily in your hand, and it's small enough to stash in your console when not in use.

Apple iTunesiTunes® AAC Playback Compatibility!
The DEH-P6900UB can play CDs with AAC files ripped using Apple's iTunes Media Player. Now you can make iTunes your one-stop music player for your PC, iPod and CDs as well.

MP3/WMA Playback Included
MP3+WMAPlus, the DEH-P6900UB plays your MP3 and WMA files. This gives you huge flexibility with the types of music you can play, and you'll be happy to know that it includes a random play mode. You'll also be pleasantly surprised to find that our players support ID3 Tags and AAC/WMA text, which display artist, title, track and album information, just like your computer. Last but not least, our Digital Speedread2 mechanism speeds up track-to-track access, cutting down on the wait time.

BluetoothAvailable Bluetooth Wireless Technology*
Use the available CD-BTB100 Bluetooth Adapter and Bluetooth-enabled cellular phones for easy, safe, and hands-free operation, including talking via the headunit's microphone and your vehicle's speaker system. The system automatically mutes any other audio during incoming or outgoing calls. You can store the phone book, then access it by voice or the touch screen display.
*Optional CD-BTB100 adapter required

Two-Way Crossover with New Direct Subwoofer Key
The Two-Way Crossover Adjustment is a convenient tool for tailoring your sound - and your subwoofer's levels. Right from your headunit, you can adjust your High-Pass Filter, which will protect your front and rear speakers from power-robbing deep bass notes. Now, use the Subwoofer adjustments to make sure your bass performance has the kick you like. In fact, you can just hit the new Subwoofer Direct button to fine tune the settings at any time!

Built-in AUX InputBuilt-in Rear Auxiliary Input
The DEH-P6900UB features a built-in rear auxiliary (AUX) input, which can be easily connected with a wide range of external devices, such as portable MP3 players and more. Even plug in your inno™ and enjoy another way to listen to XM Satellite Radio.

BMX (Bit Media eXpander) Digital Enhancement
Compressed file formats such as MP3 and WMA are now as common as the Internet. But there are people who feel that compressed music sounds thin, flat and short of depth. To correct this common problem, Pioneer developed BMX technology. BMX studies what's left of the delicate sound frequencies that are usually ignored and makes the necessary adjustments. This improves the shape and overall depth of sound, which results in enjoyment to the ears, especially in the noisy car environment.

SAT Radio ReadySatellite Radio Ready? Ready.
Satellite Radio. It's digital, high-quality programming beamed from satellites. And the signal that doesn't fade, no matter where you drive. It offers commercial-free music of nearly every genre, plus talk, news, sports, weather, and more. There are two companies that offer this great product - XM Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio - and this unit is compatible with both of these subscription-based services. So you choose. You'll just need a Pioneer digital satellite tuner to match the satellite service you select.


  • CD/MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC Playback
  • Digital SpeedRead II Mechanism for Faster File Access
  • Large Memory for Improved Track Access
  • BMX (Bit Media eXpander) Digital Sound Processing
  • Disc/Track/Folder Repeat & Scan
  • Audible Fast Forward/Reverse
  • Playback Compatible with CD-R & CD-RW Discs
  • Disc Title Memory (48 Discs)
  • CD Text & ID3 Tag Display (versions 1 & 2)
  • 3-Beam Laser Pick-Up with AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
  • 1-Bit D/A Converter with 8x Oversampling
  • Anti-Shock Mechanism
  • Radio
  • Supertuner IIID with Digital Signal Processing
  • 24-Station (18FM/6AM) Presets
  • BSM (Best Station Memory)
  • Up/Down Seek with Selectable Local Seek Tuning
  • System Control & Expansion
  • IP-Bus System Control
  • SDAR Ready, Supports Sirius or XM Radio (available separately)
  • Bluetooth Adapter Ready (optional CD-BTB200)
  • CD/DVD Changer Control
  • USB 2.0 (Full speed)
  • USB iPod Direct Control (optional CD-IU50 required)
  • USB control of flash memory
  • USB control of MP3 players (not all devices compatible)
  • Rear Aux-in
  • Autoslide Flap Faceplate
  • Rotary Volume Control
  • 16Blue OEL Display
  • Full Motion Graphics/Screensavers
  • Selectable Background Animations
  • Vivid Multiline Text
  • Clock Multilanguage display
  • Remote Included
  • Wired Remote/Display Input
  • EEQ Performance Chip
  • 7-Band Graphic EQ (adjustable level & frequency)
  • Easy EQ (EEQ) Switches 5 Factory & 2 User EQ Presets
  • Independent Source Custom EQ Memory
  • SLA (Source Level Adjustment)
  • Selectable High-Pass & Low-Pass Preamp Crossovers
  • Subwoofer Level & Phase Control
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty