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Home > Duplication Hardware > DIY Duplicator Parts > Duplicator Barebone Combo > Best Selling Duplicator Barebone > Acard SATA DVD/CD Duplicator Barebone - Support 5 Target (Acard ARS2055P Duplicate Controller + 7Bay Produplicator Case Combo)

Acard SATA DVD/CD Duplicator Barebone - Support 5 Target (Acard ARS2055P Duplicate Controller + 7Bay Produplicator Case Combo)

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Acad Sata DVD Duplicator Barebone - Support 1 to 5 Target, Acard ARS-2055P Duplicate Controller + Produplicator Case with SATA Power Suply Bundle Deals
Note: ***(Optical Drives Not Included)***

                          Acard (ARS2055P) 24X Sata Duplicator Controller - 5 Target Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Recording - Click to enlarge                  ProDuplicator 7-Bay SATA Duplicator Case with 250W SATA Power Supply - Support 1to5 Target (Black) - Click to enlarge                                      

Now you can easily build your own duplicator system with the new Acard SATA controller. This SATA interface simplifies cable management comparing to IDE with narrower cables and smaller connectors. SATA interface supports cables as long as 90cm without sacrificing data integrity and system reliability. This SATA controller can be installed on the top drive bay even in an 7-target tower duplicator. Maximize your productivity and efficiency today with Athena SATA Blu-ray controller.

Controller Feature & Specification:


ARS-2055P is a standalone DVD/CD duplicate controller supporting high speed SATA DVD/CD writers. With ACARD RISC CPU Engine, it doesn't need connecting to a computer nor require much learning. Simply through the LCD and the button on the panel you can use the DVD/CD duplicate controller to back up data, audio or video DVD/CD quickly. The first support SATA DVD/CD drives for recording DVD/CD quickly. It is quite fit for general offices.


  • A standalone SATA-to-SATA BD/DVD/CD copy controller 
  • Totally independent without installing hardware or software 
  • Supports a built-in 3.5" or 2.5" SATA hard disk drive 
  • Supports high-speed SATA BD/DVD/CD recording 
  • Has a user-friendly interface and shows messages with LCD 
  • Firmware update by DVD-ROM


  • ACARD ATP8624 SATA processor 
  • 32MB SDRAM for data buffer 
  • 6 SATA interface channel 
  • 2 X 16 LCD screen 
  • A membrane 4-buttons operation panel with 2-buttons hot key 
  • 512KB flash memory for copy code 
  • Dimension : 150mm (W) x 42mm (H) x 145mm (D)



    Case Feature & Specifications:

    • Quality and stylish strong structure
    • Compact design for space saving
    • Durable steel construction makes this case ideal for Duplicator
    • Built in cooling fan keep your system cool
    Color Black
    Case Material Steel
    Dimension Depth 12.75" x Wide 7" x Height 14.5"
    Power Supply Input: 115/230V ac 250Watt for SATA
    Drive Bays 7x 5.25" External, 1x 3.5" Internal for HDD
    Cooling System
    Fans 2x 80mm, 1x inside Power Supply 
    Front System
    Front Ports

    Stylish Blue Accent LED display on the front panel, 1 Power Switch on the front panel

    Note: ***(Optical Drives Not Included)***

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